Omax TV Debuts, Hosting Videos on Waterjet Applications and Materials Capabilities

August 19, 2020

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Omax image
Omax TV Debuts, Hosting Videos on Waterjet Applications and Materials Capabilities
Omax Corp. now offers Omax TV, providing video content produced by the company to demonstrate its abrasive waterjet technology, waterjet applications and materials capabilities.

Norton image
New Fiber and Quick-Change Discs Have 50% Faster Cut Rate in Carbon Steel & Soft-to-Grind Materials
Norton BlazeX F970 Fiber and Quick-Change Discs, the next generation of Blaze®, enable faster rust removal, and enhanced cleaning and detailing processes for better finishes. An improved micro-fracturing grain which consistently exposes sharper grain edges, results in a better cut rate, and longer disc life when compared to blended ceramic alumina discs. BlazeX F970 Fiber and Quick-Change Discs enhance operator control in stock removal, deburring, blending and other applications.
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Lincoln Electric image
Helmet and Respirator for Welding and Grinding
Lincoln Electric has introduced the Viking 3350 XG PAPR (powered air-purifying respirator) helmet, with exterior grind control. The helmet provides ideal respiratory performance, versatility and optic quality, according to company officials.

Mate Precision image
Large-Radius Bending on a Press Brake: Tackling Springback and Multi-Breakage
Two challenges common to forming large-radius bends on a press brake include excessive springback and multi-breakage, with a new Mate Precision Tooling blog post explaining the challenges and how they can be met.

AMADA Introduces the World’s First Fiber Laser Cutting System with Locus Beam Control (LBC)
AMADA’s LBC Technology creates infinite locus patterns—ensuring the optimum beam shape for each specific cutting application. This results in the highest-quality cuts in both stainless and mild steel and the best edge quality in aluminum with virtually no dross. The VENTIS 3015 AJ leverages a high-brightness fiber laser oscillator to maintain optimum quality of the high-energy density laser beam. Unique cutting capabilities and exceptional speed enable the 4kW VENTIS to easily rival fiber lasers utilizing much higher wattage at a considerably lower operating cost.

Trumpf image
3D Laser Cutting―A Versatile Process for Prototype and Production Shops
Laser-cutting expert Pierson Cheng, industry manager, automotive, at Trumpf North America, offers up advice for specifying the right five-axis laser-cutting cell for your operations, and tips on how to avoid burrs, optimize throughput and more.

Superior Abrasives image
Quick-Change Discs for Aggressive Removal of Weld Seams and More
Superior Abrasives, LLC has introduced Alpha-Kut quick-change discs, the company’s most aggressive coated material in quick-change form. The discs quickly remove burrs, sharp edges, slag and other undesirable materials with the workpiece shaped in a single step, thus reducing changeover time and costs.

Weber PT
The WEBER PT is the perfect deburring machine for lasered, punched and nibbled parts. It handles deburring, rounding, descaling and surface grinding of thin sheets and heavy plates. Up to four grinding stations allow for all machining variations. Improved accessibility for maintenance; modular design; and optional simultaneous top/bottom machining are just some of the advantages of the WEBER PT.
Hans WEBER Sales & Service, Olathe, Kansas 66071, 913-254-1611,,

Koike image
New Fiber Laser Cuts Various Materials With 2- or 4-kW Power
Koike Aronson Ransome offers its newest CNC fiber laser cutting machine, the FiberPro, reportedly offering robust capabilities along with Flashcut Pro Controller software that enables efficient cutting of a variety of materials, including brass, copper, mild and stainless steel, and aluminum.

Acieta image
High-Speed Robotic Part-Loading Cell
Acieta introduces the FastLoad DR2000 robotic machine-loading cell, pre-engineered to meet the most common part-loading needs so that it's ready for delivery and installation in as soon as eight weeks.

BLM image
Cut 3D Parts After Forming
Cut 3D parts after they’ve been formed. Bent tubes, hydroformed components, tubular assemblies, deep drawn parts, flat or stamped plates can be trim and cut with maximum efficiency and excellent cut quality every time. The LT-Free replaces traditional machining operations and allows you to get the finished part in a single work cycle.

SigmaTek image
New Fab. Software Version Integrates CAD/CAM, Shop-Floor-Control and Business-Systems Suites
SigmaTek Systems announced the integration of its Business Systems Suite alongside the flagship SigmaNest product portfolio in SigmaSuite 20. This latest release of CAD/CAM, shop-floor control and now business-systems solutions brings a full range of fabrication optimization and data-management features inside of one familiar user interface, according to company officials.

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