New Sheet-Metal Fabrication Software Features Upgraded Collision Protection

October 21, 2020

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New Sheet-Metal Fabrication Software Features Upgraded Collision Protection
Lantek, a developer of CAD-CAM/MES/ERP software for the sheet metal industry, has included more than 100 improvements and updates to the latest version of its software, Lantek Global Release 2020. The most significant among them: collision prevention for cutting-machine applications, and a new algorithm for efficiently destroying scrap metal created during tube cutting.

Ceratizit image
Innovative Carbide Solutions for Metal Forming
Your premium solutions for high repeatability and long tool lives:  Wherever metal is formed into semi-finished and ready-to-use products, carbide tools are applied. It is the only material which is characterised by consistent resistance to wear, pressure, heat and tension and thus, guarantee long tool life and high repeated accuracy. Our wide product portfolio ranges from blanks to ready-to-use tools. In addition to the standard stock programme, our customised products offer maximum quality and a precise finish.

ESAB video
Ready to Move from Manual to Automated Plasma-Arc Cutting?
COVID-19 disrupted supply chains around the world. The manufacturers and fabricators that best survive the onslaught will be those that have been better able to respond to rapidly changing and unpredictable demands in customer preferences and order volume. When the concept of what the “new normal” actually means remains fluid, agility and flexibility rule the day.

Schelling image
Fm8 Plate Saw Delivers Performance
Schelling’s robustly-built fm8 Plate Saw delivers exceptional performance when cutting aluminum alloys and other non-ferrous metals up to 6 inches thick. Features include ergonomic air floatation tables, a frequency-controlled 46 HP saw motor, and patented “CLEAN UP Cut” function that handles 98% chip evacuation even when making scrape cuts.

TJ Snow image
Spot Welding—Some Tips on Tips
“It’s funny how one of the least-expensive components of a resistance welding (RW) machine can cause the most weld-quality issues,” says Don DeCorte, vice president of sales at RoMan Manufacturing, Grand Rapids, MI, a manufacturer of RW power supplies, and chairman of the Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance (RWMA), a standing committee of the American Welding Society (AWS).

WEBER PT compact Deburring Machine
WEBER’s PT compact guarantees perfect grinding results meeting even the most stringent demands.  Features WEBER’s “i-Touch” operating panel and easy accessibility for maintenance.  Available with Planetary Head for all-round edge machining across the entire width and operating widths of 1100 and 1350 mm with 1 to 2 grinding stations.
Hans WEBER Sales & Service, Olathe, Kansas 66071, 913-254-1611,,

LVD Strippit image
Versatile Manufacturing via New Punch-Laser Combo Machine
LVD Strippit has rolled out the Strippit PL Punch-Laser combination machine, which combines the punching and forming capabilities of the Strippit PX- or V-series punching machine with the speed and versatility of fiber laser cutting. Three punch-laser models are available: the single-head-style Strippit PX 1530-L, and the Strippit V 1530-L in thick- and thin-turret configurations.

Epicor image
The Risk of Outdated Software
The decision to replace or upgrade from an outdated ERP system can often be a difficult one, because employees grow comfortable with it.  However, it’s probably weighing you down. With the speed at which technology is advancing, manufacturers can no longer afford to continue using outdated ERP systems. Read on to learn why a modern ERP system built for manufacturing business growth may be the most important step you take for the success of your company.

Hypertherm image
The Case for Software Subscriptions in Your Shop
Subscription software services have made their way into the fabricating and manufacturing industries, including many commonly used programs related to ERP, CAD, CAM and even nesting. Users, for the most part, have the option of perpetual (permanently owned) software licenses, but subscriptions continue gaining in popularity.

BLM image
Efficient 3D Laser Cutting of Hydroformed Parts
Part repositioning is a common occurrence in 3D laser cutting of hydroformed or bent tubes where trimming, piercing or cutting of geometries of the part involves changing the position of the part. A 5-axis laser cutting system can provide the flexibility and speed you need in your hydroforming operations.
Read more here

Mitusa video
Seam Welder for Fabrication of Large-Cylinder Vessels
Mitusa Inc., a manufacturer of automated welding systems, recently has shipped a 28-ft. longitudinal seam welder, equipped with unique features to ease the fabrication of large-cylinder vessels.

AMADA Introduces the World’s First Fiber Laser Cutting System with Locus Beam Control (LBC)
AMADA’s LBC Technology creates infinite locus patterns—ensuring the optimum beam shape for each specific cutting application. This results in the highest-quality cuts in both stainless and mild steel and the best edge quality in aluminum with virtually no dross. The VENTIS 3015 AJ leverages a high-brightness fiber laser oscillator to maintain optimum quality of the high-energy density laser beam. Unique cutting capabilities and exceptional speed enable the 4kW VENTIS to easily rival fiber lasers utilizing much higher wattage at a considerably lower operating cost.

ATI video
Robotic End-Effector Material-Removal Tool
ATI Industrial Automation introduces the RCE-710 radially compliant, electric material-removal tool, the company’s first all-in-one, electrically powered such tool. The RCE-710 features large bearings, a shaft designed for demanding robotic use and a variable-speed motor with a range of 0 to 13,000 rpm. It is built to handle an array of robotic material-removal tasks, such as rust and weld-spatter removal, blending, polishing and light grinding.

Cincinnati image
Press Brake's Big Bends Ease Custom-Fab Work
Repairing equipment for the farming community surrounding Swanton, OH, near Toledo, Swanton Welding & Machining Co. opened its doors in 1956 with George Kern at the helm. In 1985 Kern sold the business to his son-in-law, Norman Zeiter Sr., who, using machining and fabrication experience gained while working with Kern at the four-employee operation, ushered in an era of innovation and growth.

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