IIoT for the Fab Shop: Connect, Measure, Analyze and Improve

November 18, 2020

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IIoT for the Fab Shop: Connect, Measure, Analyze and Improve
Metal formers and fabricators continue to seek tools to help solve production pains, an exercise that increasingly leads them to discovering the benefits of software solutions―many anchored in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Such software products can remove the blind spots that prevent managers from gaining a clear and accurate picture of shop performance. Using IIoT software, managers can collect and analyze production data, and when that information flows directly into a facility’s ERP/MRP system, they can take swift and decisive action to improve productivity and profitability.

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Fm8 Plate Saw Delivers Performance
Schelling’s robustly-built fm8 Plate Saw delivers exceptional performance when cutting aluminum alloys and other non-ferrous metals up to 6 inches thick. Features include ergonomic air floatation tables, a frequency-controlled 46 HP saw motor, and patented “CLEAN UP Cut” function that handles 98% chip evacuation even when making scrape cuts.

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Zeiss Introduces Portable Scanner for Inspections On-the-Go
The T-Scan hawk is the new Zeiss answer to performing a broad range of inspection tasks around the shop floor that must be done onsite. The portable, stand-alone, hand-held laser-scanning system comes with the pre-installed GOM Inspect Suite inspection software and delivers precise 3D data, even for hard-to-reach areas.

WEBER PT compact Deburring Machine
WEBER’s PT compact guarantees perfect grinding results meeting even the most stringent demands.  Features WEBER’s “i-Touch” operating panel and easy accessibility for maintenance.  Available with Planetary Head for all-round edge machining across the entire width and operating widths of 1100 and 1350 mm with 1 to 2 grinding stations.
Hans WEBER Sales & Service, Olathe, Kansas 66071, 913-254-1611, sales@weberamerica.com,

Flow video
Waterjet Cutting on the West Coast
Never knowing what job may end up coming through the door makes flexibility a must-have for job shops. That’s why Diversified Metal Fabrication Inc., Modesto, CA, chose, late in 2019, to add a waterjet cutting machine, a Mach 500 cutting machine from Flow International Corp., delivering as much as 94,000-psi waterjet power and with a work table allowing the fabricator to process 6 by 12-ft. sheets.

AMADA Introduces the World’s First Fiber Laser Cutting System with Locus Beam Control (LBC)
AMADA’s LBC Technology creates infinite locus patterns—ensuring the optimum beam shape for each specific cutting application. This results in the highest-quality cuts in both stainless and mild steel and the best edge quality in aluminum with virtually no dross. The VENTIS 3015 AJ leverages a high-brightness fiber laser oscillator to maintain optimum quality of the high-energy density laser beam. Unique cutting capabilities and exceptional speed enable the 4kW VENTIS to easily rival fiber lasers utilizing much higher wattage at a considerably lower operating cost.

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Part Sorting/Stacking Highlights New Automated Laser Line
In 1990, the sheet metal-fabrication department of centrifugal-blower manufacturer Jan-Air welcomed its first CNC machine, a turret-punch press controlled from a DOS-based computer. My how far we’ve come, as early in 2019 the company, now operating out of a 52,000-sq.-ft. facility in Richmond, IL, became the proud new owner of a 4-kW fiber-laser cutting machine (a Bystronic ByStar 3015 with 5 by 10-ft. worktable), equipped with state-of-the-art end-of-line part sorting and stacking automation.

BLM image
Get the Right 3D Laser Cutter for Your Needs
Which 3D cutting technology best meets your needs?  With various technologies to choose from, you want to choose the system that best boosts your productivity, lowers your part costs, and improves your quality. Read on to understand your choices and see if a 5-axis laser cutter should be in your future.
Click here to find out more.

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Robust Safety Light Curtains
PSENopt II, the second generation of safety light curtains from Pilz, offers safe access to the production process and provides finger, hand and body protection, depending on the requirement. The Type 3 safety light curtains are specifically designed for applications to a PL d of EN/IEC 61496-1. Type 4 light curtains are available for applications to a PL e of EN/IEC 61496-1/-2.

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The Risk of Outdated Software
The decision to replace or upgrade from an outdated ERP system can often be a difficult one, because employees grow comfortable with it.  However, it’s probably weighing you down. With the speed at which technology is advancing, manufacturers can no longer afford to continue using outdated ERP systems. Read on to learn why a modern ERP system built for manufacturing business growth may be the most important step you take for the success of your company.

Rockford image
Modular Safety Shields Ease Machine Guarding
Patent-pending Protector-series shields from Rockford Systems, LLC are designed to maximize operator safety and improve productivity in machine-safeguarding applications.

Coldwater image
Coldwater Machine’s “Will It Meld” Calculator Evaluates Dissimilar-Materials Joining Applications
Coldwater Machine, Coldwater, OH, a Lincoln Electric Company, has launched a “Will it Meld” online resource to help companies determine if dissimilar materials can be joined using its SpinMeld rotary friction-welding systems.  To use the calculator, visit www.coldwatermachine.com/will-it-meld and select the two materials of interest from a drop-down list of more than 35 materials.

Universal Robots Launches Accredited Collaborative-Robot Certifications
Collaborative-robot (cobot) manufacturer Universal Robots (UR), Ann Arbor, MI, has become accredited to issue Continuing Education Units (CEUs), enabling it to provide a comprehensive cobot curriculum for students and industry professionals.  “With this education program, we’re addressing a tremendous need to provide cobot training as part of an integrated, accredited course,” says Joe Campbell, senior manager of applications development at UR. “This hands-on learning initiative will be instrumental in addressing the skills gap and get state-of-the art cobots into classrooms, offering students instant employability and manufacturers access to an upskilled workforce.”
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