Entry-Level Laser Cutting Promises Quick Setup, Simple Use

December 21, 2022

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BLM Group video
Entry-Level Laser Cutting Promises Quick Setup, Simple Use
At FABTECH…BLM Group unveiled its latest lineup addition, the LS7 sheet laser cutting machine, designed as an entry-level product in the high-end system segment, according to BLM Group officials, and capable of employing laser power to 12 kW.

Industrial Magnetics image
Switch to Better End-Of-Arm Tooling
Transporter® Switch Series (TPS) Magnets are ideal for use where vacuum cups and grippers are used for lifting and moving steel sheets, blanks, parts, and assemblies in automated press-to-press transfer or robotic "pick and place" applications. They are perfect for clean room environments. NO dirty air exhausted to the atmosphere.

Amada video
Self-Monitoring Features Promote Lights-Out Laser Cutting
At FABTECH…Among its range of fabricating products, Amada exhibited its latest fiber laser cutting equipment, including the 12-kW Regius 3015 AJ + AMS 3015 LL system and the 6-kW Ventis 3015 AJe.

AMSOIL image
Comprehensive Lubrication Program to Improve Production Efficiencies
AMSOIL Industrial, launched in September 2021, is a division of AMSOIL Inc., which brings more than 50 years of lubrication formulation and was the first lubricant company to bring API-certified synthetic lubricants to market in 1972. AMSOIL Industrial consults with fabricators and metal stamping operations to optimize production efficiency by employing a comprehensive lubrication program that starts with a plant audit by AMSOIL Industrial tribologists and lubrication experts.

Messer image
Laser or Plasma Cutting Machines Designed for Automated Production
At FABTECH…Messer Cutting Systems touted its new Element 400L Unitized and Element 400 Gantry, U.S.-manufactured cutting machines featuring acceleration and speeds capable of supporting laser or plasma heads with virtually no loss in performance, according to company officials. Element 400 models can be equipped with customized options for plasma beveling, laser beveling and marking.

Powerful HR Solutions with Exceptional Follow-through
Working with Insperity we help employers from employee benefits and HR administration to payroll, risk management and more. What sets us apart? Unbeatable support meets innovative technology. The result leads to a comprehensive HR solution that meets your needs, backed by our experienced team of specialists.

Prima Power video
Simple Setup, Heavy-Duty 2D Cutting
At FABTECH…Prima Power featured the Laser Genius+ with Compact Server, developed to cut large and heavy workpieces precisely and at high speeds. Rated to a trajectory speed of 180 m/min. and acceleration of 2.8 g, the 2D-cutting machines come in three sizes and with a range of laser powers to satisfy a variety of application needs. Maximum X-Y-axis travel: 6320 by 2200 mm. Integrated software modules simplify processes, and artificial-intelligence algorithms provide advanced monitoring and process-control functions.

Wilson image
Best-in-Class Thick Turret Tooling by Wilson Tool
HPX® guide assemblies from Wilson Tool International are specifically engineered to meet the needs of sheet metal manufacturers and provide the easiest set-up and use for thick turret tooling. HPX guide assemblies run Wilson Tool’s patented EXP® punch tip tooling, which provide twice the life over traditional thick turret punches.

MC Machinery video
Laser Cutting and Automation Team for High-Output Production
At FABTECH…MC Machinery displayed the GX-F Advanced artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled 10- and 12-kW fiber laser cutting machines, equipped with state-of-the-art automation systems. The 12-kW machine—the newest addition to MC Machinery’s Mitsubishi Laser lineup—connected to the SmartFlex Element Type R automation system (pictured), while the 10-kw GX-F Advanced connected to the new Astes4 Skyway high-speed laser sorting system. To help ease concerns over the ongoing shortage of skilled manufacturing workers, the intuitive AI technology allows simplified use of the GX-F Advanced series for operators of all skill levels, offer company officials.

Trumpf image
Get into 3D Laser Processing
As a pioneer in 3D laser processing, TRUMPF provides beam sources and complete systems containing optimally coordinated components. TRUMPF’s 3D systems excel in a range of applications including cutting, welding and laser metal deposition. TRUMPF’s fully integrated systems make it easy for you to get started in the 3D world.
3D laser cutting machines | TRUMPF

Cincinnati video
Software Suite for Laser Cutting and Other Operations
At FABTECH…Cincinnati Inc. offered details on its Encompass software suite for laser cutting and other operations. The software is designed to help users move from the digital part to the physical part of everyday operations accurately and efficiently, according to company officials.

Mazak video
Advanced 15-kW 2D Laser Cutting
At FABTECH…Mazak Optonics provided demos of its new Optiplex 3015 NEO 2D laser cutting machine, which features 15 kW of power, beam-shape/diameter control, an advanced torch head and a new series of nozzles.

Bystronic video
20 kW of Cutting Power, Plus Full Suite of Shop-Floor Software
At FABTECH…Bystronic showcased its ByStar 3015 fiber laser cutting machine, which offers a reliable cutting process even at high laser outputs, through a wide range of applications and at high throughput, resulting in a low cost/part, according to company officials. The machine (pictured) now is available with 20 kW of power.

PMA Services Inc

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