Autonomous Mobile Robot for Material Handling

September 16, 2020

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Waypoint video
Autonomous Mobile Robot for Material Handling
Vector, from Waypoint Robotics, is an industrial-strength, omnidirectional autonomous mobile robot (AMR) for manufacturing and logistics material-handling applications. Vector can carry as much as 600 lb. and is designed for workers to move parts, materials and tools, even in unpredictable and changing conditions. Vector can handle dull, dangerous and dirty tasks, enabling employees to focus on other tasks.

Ceratizit image
Innovative Carbide Solutions for Metal Forming
Your premium solutions for high repeatability and long tool lives:  Wherever metal is formed into semi-finished and ready-to-use products, carbide tools are applied. It is the only material which is characterised by consistent resistance to wear, pressure, heat and tension and thus, guarantee long tool life and high repeated accuracy. Our wide product portfolio ranges from blanks to ready-to-use tools. In addition to the standard stock programme, our customised products offer maximum quality and a precise finish.

Bruker video
Simple-to-Use Optical CMM Includes Surface-Finish Measurement
The µCMM optical micro-coordinate measuring system (micro-CMM) from Bruker Alicona offers the combination of tactile coordinate metrology and optical surface metrology, with measurement of dimension, position, form and roughness of components using only one sensor.

Schelling image
Fm8 Plate Saw Delivers Performance
Schelling’s robustly-built fm8 Plate Saw delivers exceptional performance when cutting aluminum alloys and other non-ferrous metals up to 6 inches thick. Features include ergonomic air floatation tables, a frequency-controlled 46 HP saw motor, and patented “CLEAN UP Cut” function that handles98% chip evacuation even when making scrape cuts.

ABB video
Augmented Reality on Smartphone Simplifies Robot Installations
ABB’s new RobotStudio Augmented Reality (AR) viewer app allows the use of a smartphone or tablet to provide a convenient way of visualizing where and how robotic automation can fit into a process. Added to the PC-based ABB RobotStudio offline programming software, the AR viewer app can be used to test any model created in RobotStudio, enabling users to get an idea of the size and scale of a robot or robot cell and how it can be deployed on a factory floor to fit around any existing production equipment. Using AR technology, the app overlays the modelled solution into the real-life production environment, with the ability to scale it to full size and rotate it through a variety of angles to achieve the best result.

WEBER PT compact Deburring Machine
WEBER’s PT compact guarantees perfect grinding results meeting even the most stringent demands.  Features WEBER’s “i-Touch” operating panel and easy accessibility for maintenance.  Available with Planetary Head for all-round edge machining across the entire width and operating widths of 1100 and 1350 mm with 1 to 2 grinding stations.
Hans WEBER Sales & Service, Olathe, Kansas 66071, 913-254-1611,,

Robovent image
New Dust Collector Optimized for Fiber Laser Cutting
The faster cutting speeds of fiber laser machines create new challenges for laser cutting dust control, leading RoboVent to develop the Senturion, optimized for the volume and type of dust produced by fiber laser cutting.

AMADA Introduces the World’s First Fiber Laser Cutting System with Locus Beam Control (LBC)
AMADA’s LBC Technology creates infinite locus patterns—ensuring the optimum beam shape for each specific cutting application. This results in the highest-quality cuts in both stainless and mild steel and the best edge quality in aluminum with virtually no dross. The VENTIS 3015 AJ leverages a high-brightness fiber laser oscillator to maintain optimum quality of the high-energy density laser beam. Unique cutting capabilities and exceptional speed enable the 4kW VENTIS to easily rival fiber lasers utilizing much higher wattage at a considerably lower operating cost.

Cincinnati image
Load-Calculator App Compatible with All Press Brakes
A new load-calculator app, CI Load Calc from Cincinnati Inc, (CI). allows users to determine the press brake tonnage required to air bend a certain piece of metal. The free app, compatible with all makes and models of press brakes and press brake tooling CI Load Calc, is available for iOS and Android.

Exair image
Adjustable Spot Cooler Delivers Minus 30 Degree Air
EXAIR’s Adjustable Spot Cooler is the low cost, maintenance free solution to a variety of industrial spot cooling problems. With the turn of a knob, you can select temperatures from minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit to room temperature. Web site offers detailed information, downloadable drawings and PDF literature.

Yaskawa image
Six-Axis Cobot for Robotic Welding
Specifically designed to add robotic-welding capacity to current production, the six-axis HC10XP human-collaborative robot, from Yaskawa Motoman, enables operation with or in close proximity to human workers. Ideal for supplementing manual welding or for rolling up to large, heavy workpieces with its 1200-mm reach, the 10-kg payload HC10XP can be repurposed easily depending on production needs.

BLM image
Tube Cutting Made Easy
BLM’s ArtTube 3D CAD/CAM graphic software simplifies the design and programming of tubular parts being processed on BLM laser cutting machines. All the controls you need to draw a new part are at your fingertips –  just enter the tube dimensions, add various cuts and you can go straight to production.

Hornet image
Quick ROI on Plasma Cutting Machine for KS Fabricator
With an aging waterjet cutting machine proving time consuming and costly to set up and operate, Aaron’s Repair & Supply, Great Bend, KS, needed a new option. To the rescue, a Hornet Cutting Systems HD 5 by 12-ft. plasma cutting machine. The fabricator, opening in 1979 as a repair shop for heavy trucks, has expanded to serve oil, mining, agriculture and meatpacking and other industries. Aaron’s, founded by Aaron Maresch, with his grandson Devon Nelson apprenticing to one day take over the family business, also provides custom fabrication and manufacturing, along with tool sales, rentals and parts for heavy machinery.

Omax image
Versatile Waterjet Cutting Machine with Multi-Axis Cutting Head
The Omax Maxiem 1530 abrasive waterjet cutting machine paired with an optional A-Jet cutting head provides a cutting range from 0 to 60 deg.  off vertical, and easily cuts beveled edges, angled sides and countersinks, according to company officials. Advanced features in the system’s IntelliMax software suite allow the A-Jet head to compensate for taper and create complex 3D shapes.

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