WATCH: Blasting for Post Processing of Metal AM Parts

June 1, 2022

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WATCH: Blasting for Post Processing of Metal AM Parts
In this 4-min. additive manufacturing knowledge snack from EOS, learn the principles of blasting, the different types of media available—from soft and fine to coarse and aggressive--and best practices for blasting metal printed parts.

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Vacuum Heat Treating 3D Metal Printed Components
Since 3D printing builds to near net or finished dimensions, vacuum heat treating is an absolute necessity. Vacuum levels that approach 1 X 10-6 Torr produce clean and oxide free surface conditions that are metallurgically stable. Critical temperature control is also a must to avoid cracking and producing a strong and ductile part.

3D Metal Printing Experience Offers Six Free Webinars Over Two Days
Coming June 7-8: A free webinar series from 3D Metal Printing magazine featuring an all-star lineup of presenters.  On the agenda:
  • 3D Metal Printing Addresses Supply-Chain Challenges; James DeMuth, CEO, Seurat Technologies
  • Qualification of Metal AM Processes; Ron Aman, AM Senior Technology Leader, EWI Buffalo Manufacturing Works
  • The Role of the Laser-Powder-Bed Machine Operator; Paul Bates, Additive Manufacturing Lead Project Engineer, ASTM International
  • Solid State 3D Printing for the Aerospace Industry; Mark Norfolk, President, Fabrisonic LLC
  • Metal AM at Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Amy Elliott, Group Leader, Robotics and Intelligent Systems, Manufacturing Demonstration Facility, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Large Format Metal Additive Manufacturing for Army Ground Vehicle Systems; Rob Carter, Member, ADDvisor Services Team, Barnes Group Advisors
Learn more and register to attend.

New Additive Manufacturing Starter Kit Available Now
3D printing is a potential game-changer, but many companies lack talent and expertise. EOS developed its groundbreaking Additive Manufacturing (AM) Starter Kit to help leaders innovate with AM. Gain insight and fast-track your 3D printing now!

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Velo3D Qualifies Copper Alloy for its Sapphire Printers
Velo3D has qualified the copper-chromium-niobium alloy GRCop-42 for use in its Sapphire family of printers, with the first group of GRCop-42 demo parts on display at the recently held RAPID + TCT event. Contract manufacturer Knust Godwin will receive the first Sapphire printer utilizing GRCop-42. The Texas-based company has three systems currently in place to print other alloys, such as Inconel.

Oqton Software to Power Eplus3D Printers via Digital Dental Workflow
Software provider Oqton announced a strategic partnership with Eplus3D, a supplier of metal 3D printing machines, whereby Oqton’s artificial-intelligence AI-powered Manufacturing OS platform will be made available to users of Eplus3D’s metal 3D printers to provide full traceability and automation in dental manufacturing applications.

Industry News
MMX, America Makes’ Premier Event, Set for August in Youngstown, OH
EOS, Sauber Technologies Partner on AM Tech for Formula One and More
Sigma Labs Becomes Sigma Additive Solutions

Spring 2022
In This Issue
Automation Takes the Hurt Out of Post-Processing
Post-processing has been labeled the necessary evil of AM. Unquestionably of utmost importance in the production cycle, post-processing nonetheless can drop challenges and roadblocks galore in time, manpower and costs.

Topology Optimization and Reusable Workflows
…result in a redesigned robotic end effector that’s significantly lighter than the previous design, with substantially fewer components and reduced sealing points.

Coming in 3DMP's Next Issue
  • Updates from RAPID + TCT and AMUG
  • Powders for Metal AM
  • Software for AM
  • IMTS Preview—Bonus Distribution

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