Updated Generative-Design Software Offers Improved Automated Workflow

February 3, 2021

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Updated Generative-Design Software Offers Improved Automated Workflow
Parameters has released CogniCAD 4.0 generative-design software, an upgrade that reportedly enables improved automated workflow for manufacturers. The software provides a fully automated workflow based on inhouse-developed topology optimization, high-resolution finite-element analysis (FEA) and computational geometry, that requires no manual adjustment or reconstruction, according to company officials.

“Manufacturers now have access to a one-of-a-kind technology that enables them to create lightweighted and structurally validated parts to meet their design and manufacturing needs,” says Dr. Michael Bogomolny, Paramatters cofounder and chief technology officer. “Designers and engineers can automatically generate high-performance designs that consider various manufacturing technologies and make decisions based on a cost, performance and time-to-market basis.”

Romi image
Hybrid Machining Centers Boast Seamless Switch Between Subtractive and Additive
Romi USA has introduced its D-series of hybrid-manufacturing machine tools, teaming with Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies to develop three machine models that combine traditional machining operations with metal additive manufacturing (AM). Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies supplies more than 10 Ambit Flex processing heads for each D-series hybrid machine, enabling operational flexibility for a variety of applications including machining with AM (metal, polymer or composites), and surface and subsurface inspection.

Desktop Metal image
Desktop Metal Debuts Enhanced Office-Friendly Metal-AM System
Desktop Metal, Inc. has officially launched its Studio System 2, building off of the Studio System+ with enhancements including new print profiles and a new material system designed to deliver superior part quality, accuracy and surface finish while minimizing printing trial and error across a wide range of complex geometries, according to company officials. Shipments are set to begin in the first quarter of 2021, including upgrades for Studio System users.

In a two-step process. Studio System 2 eliminates the use of solvents with all-new material formulations that allow parts to be transferred directly from the printer into the furnace. The result is an accessible two-step process with a nearly hands-free experience that also reduces consumables usage and overall system footprint. It launches with Type 316L stainless steel, with releases of other materials slated for rollout in 2021.

Industry News
3D Systems to Expand SC Headquarters, Including Metal-AM Capabilities
Spain-Based IAM 3D Hub Adds New Renishaw Metal-AM Machine, Announces Other Additions
CRP Mecccanica Named Velo3D Exclusive Distributor for Italy
EOS Group Appoints Chief Performance Officer
Zare Acquires Majority Stake in Italian AM Medical Company Proxera
Spee3d Adds Infocus Laser Systems as Brazil Reseller

Fall 2020
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Successful Metal-AM Builds Are No Accident: The Value of In-Process Metrology
Manufacturers must address several metrics to help ensure successful metal additive-manufacturing (AM) production, but three areas stand out as most critical: meltpool status, atmospheric composition and powder-bed height.
Machine Learning: A Game Changer for AM Quality Assurance
Machine learning in any environment, including metal additive manufacturing (AM), depends on gathering quality data and then using the right system to validate that data. Like most other processes, the old expression “garbage-in-garbage-out” applies.

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