Marine Corp. Prints Stainless-Steel Headcap for Mine-Clearing Device

September 15, 2021

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Marine Corp. Prints Stainless-Steel Headcap for Mine-Clearing Device
Continuing its quest to leverage additive manufacturing (AM) for battlefield prowess, the U.S. Marine Corps reports success in metal AM of a component for a mine-clearing device. The Program Manager for Ammunition (PM Ammo) at Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC) 3D printed a headcap for a rocket motor used to detonate a M58 Mine Clearing Line Charge (MICLIC), a rocket-projected explosive line charge that provides a demining capability for Marines.

“The previous process of traditional manufacturing is outdated, while 3D printing is a more modern manufacturing technique,” says PM Ammo engineer Caleb Hughes. “I truly believe that 3D printing is the next generation of the Marine Corps.”

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The Need for Power Quality During the Additive Process
With over 20 years of experience in the critical power business, ABB’s Electrification Business Area has pioneered a power quality solution designed specifically for the additive process. “As a global leader in power protection, we are excited to partner with the major additive manufacturing producers and provide them with an integrated power protection system to protect their 3D processes,” said Patrick Gannon, ABB’s Additive Segment Leader. “ By incorporating our channel partners who have system integration expertise, we create a turnkey solution to enhance production capability by helping to improve delivery time and protect critical 3D equipment and builds in the event of a power anomaly.”

Desktop Metal video
WATCH: DM’s Arjun Aggarwal Provides His Vision for the Firm and the AM Industry
In this episode of Industry Focus: Energy, a regular video blog from The Motley Fool, hear from Desktop Metal chief product officer Arjun Aggarwal as he discusses 3D printing and Desktop Metal's aim to help manufacturers evolve from prototyping to mass production. He also discusses the firm’s recent acquisitions and provides his vision for the AM industry 5 to 10 years down the road.

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Additive Manufacturing Podcast—Additive Snack
Additive Snack is a forum that delivers expert insights, interviews, and real-world stories that help yourself and your business achieve growth as well as success through additive manufacturing (AM). The podcast series will bring clarity to the chaos by providing best practices and common mistakes to avoid on your AM journey. If you haven’t already, subscribe now and listen to it wherever you get your podcasts!

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Educate your aerospace and defense team at AeroDef Mfg. 2021
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Summer 2021
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Predicting AM-Part Performance
Post-processing steps such as heat treatment, hot isostatic pressing and surface finishing, though not as compelling as building a part one layer at a time, significantly affect AM-part performance. Recognizing the importance of post-processing, we’ll describe a probabilistic model developed by EWI to predict part performance based on both the build process and the post-processing technique.

The Challenges of 3D Printing Superalloys
Aviation, aerospace and heavy industries have begun looking at AM of superalloys as potential game-changing technology. AM can deliver complex, previously unmanufacturable, innovative designs that boost product performance while reducing supply-chain delays and associated production costs.

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