FAA Certifies AM-Intensive GE9X Aircraft Engine

October 7, 2020

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GE Aviation image
FAA Certifies AM-Intensive GE9X Aircraft Engine
GE Aviation announced that its GE9X engine, featuring 3D-printed metal parts to aid light-weighting and other efficiency efforts, has been certified by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, a key milestone in the GE9X’ journey to power the new twin-engine Boeing 777X family. The engine is designed to achieve 10-percent-lower specific fuel consumption compared to its predecessor, and five-percent less than any other engine in its class.

Trumpf image
TruPrint 2000: Premium Part Quality Economically
TRUMPF’s TruPrint 2000 produces high-quality 3D printing results cost effectively. The production process consists of a closed powder circuit under shielding gas, which allows for safe and simple operation. Built-in system monitoring ensures a detailed result consistently. With low costs per part, the TruPrint 2000 is an unmatched economical solution.

Fabrisonic White Paper Addresses Joining Amorphous Metals with Other Materials
Amorphous metals are a class of materials with a disordered, non-crystalline, glassy structure, created when metals or their alloys are cooled very quickly to bypass crystallization during solidification. But these materials often are not considered in engineering applications due to the difficulty in joining them to other materials and limitations in manufacturing thick sections. A new white paper from Fabrisonic tackles the topic.

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High-Performance Vacuum Debind and Sintering Furnaces
Centorr Vacuum Industries is a manufacturer of high performance vacuum debind and sintering furnaces for the 3D Additive Manufacturing furnace market, as well as units for Metal and Ceramic Injection Molding. Available with either metal or graphite hot zones, these units can process all of the most common metals including Fe-Ni, 316-L, 17-4PH, and Inconel powders and feedstocks as well as a variety of other materials including titanium, tungsten carbide, tool steels, and superalloys. The new Sintervac AM™ operates at pressures of 0-15 torr as well as positive pressures of argon, nitrogen, or forming gas for increased flexibility of processing binder-jetted parts, while the Workhorse AM™ is used for the heat treat, annealing, and tempering of laser-sintered parts. For more information, contact the sales department at 603-595-7233, sales@centorr.com or www.centorr.com.

Essentium Virtual Panel to Discuss Rise of AM, Future-Proofing Supply Chains
Essentium, Inc., at 10 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, October 13, will present a virtual panel discussing supply-chain vulnerability; why additive manufacturing (AM) is vital for manufacturers’ self-sufficiency, agility and innovation; and the strategic considerations for deploying AM as part of a supply-chain strategy to mitigate disruption and build business resilience. The panel will provide insights into why manufacturers are struggling with current supply chains, the role of AM in solving supply-chain risk, and the key steps to adopting AM to build resiliency.

Industry News
FDA 510(k) Clearance for 3D Systems Surgical Guides Using New Ti and Nonmetal Materials
Two EOS Quad-Laser Printers Installed at Sintavia, Which Plans More Machine Purchases
SMS Group to Supply Atomization Plant to Outokumpu for Stainless Steel Powder
Sandvik Plant Gains ISO Certification for Medical Use of Ti Powders

Summer 2020
In This Issue
Manufacturing Aluminum Alloys With 3D Printing
Researchers have successfully 3D printed 6061 and 7075 aluminum alloys by adding nanoparticle grain refiners to the metal powders prior to processing.

Mastering Workflow for Part Qualification
Follow the advice offered here when stepping through the development of an additive manufacturing workflow for part, machine and process qualification.

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  • Software for Metal AM
  • Laser DED
  • Quality Control
  • Machine Learning for 3D Printing
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