America Makes Opens Online Repository Connecting the AM and Healthcare Industries

April 1, 2020

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America Makes Opens Online Repository Connecting the AM and Healthcare Industries
America Makes has developed an online repository to address equipment shortages resulting from the COVID-19 crisis.  The repository features specific areas where healthcare providers can submit their needs, designers can submit their designs, and manufacturers can submit their additive manufacturing (AM) capabilities.  American Makes partnered with its member, the Food and Drug Administration, as well as the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the National Institutes of Health to help ensure that the additive manufacturing (AM) industry effectively and safely can meet the needs of America’s healthcare workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis. This site will record necessary information from the AM industry and healthcare providers, and eventually will include a pathway for designs to be uploaded for review to ensure that they meet medical standards and can be downloaded for use in production.

Trumpf image
TRUMPF TruPrint 5000—Maximize Productivity
Maximize your productivity for 3D printed parts! With features including the 500°C preheating and three 500-watt lasers working simultaneously, you can produce top quality components, even for demanding industrial applications.

Metal AM Medical Implants Built to Degrade
At the University of Nebraska, assistant engineering professor Michael Sealy is developing the next-generation of metal AM surgical implants designed to safely dissolve in the body once they've served their use. In this article, along with an accompanying video, learn how Sealy is approaching the specific challenges of the work.  That is, while magnesium is the perfect element for implants because it provides strength while being easily absorbed into the body, it also is reactive and volatile, which proves challenging for AM.  

"What's exciting about my research is that we can avoid having the second surgery," says Sealy. "Just by tweaking it or changing how I manufacture it, I can eliminate the need for a second surgery with a biodegradable implant."

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High-Performance Vacuum Debind and Sintering Furnaces
Centorr Vacuum Industries is a manufacturer of high performance vacuum debind and sintering furnaces for the 3D Additive Manufacturing furnace market, as well as units for Metal and Ceramic Injection Molding. Available with either metal or graphite hot zones, these units can process all of the most common metals including Fe-Ni, 316-L, 17-4PH, and Inconel powders and feedstocks as well as a variety of other materials including titanium, tungsten carbide, tool steels, and superalloys. The new Sintervac AM™ operates at pressures of 0-15 torr as well as positive pressures of argon, nitrogen, or forming gas for increased flexibility of processing binder-jetted parts, while the Workhorse AM™ is used for the heat treat, annealing, and tempering of laser-sintered parts. For more information, contact the sales department at 603-595-7233, sales@centorr.com or www.centorr.com.

Standards Development Underway for Printing Marine Equipment
The online marine-equipment procurement website ShipParts.com has signed a collaborative research agreement with Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), based in Singapore, and the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) to develop standards for the certification of AM parts produced at the NYP Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre using the selective laser melting process. In the first phase of the 10-month project, beginning this month, research teams will develop metal AM printing procedures and carry out tensile, chemical and microstructure tests against ABS rules and standards governing weld and material strength. Phase two will include metal AM of pump impeller in order to evaluate its performance.

“A key aspect of the project is to optimize the parameters for the printed part (so) that post-machining is minimized,” says Roy Yap, ShipParts.com’s chief growth officer. “The qualification will form the bedrock for future certification of critical components for marine use.”

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