A Big Automotive Opportunity for AM

April 6, 2022

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A Big Automotive Opportunity for AM
In this 3D Metal Printing exclusive, HP’s Ramon Pastor, global head and general manager of 3D metals, explains that the automotive industry “is in the midst of a massive transformation to a new generation of electric and autonomous vehicles, with some of the most innovative business leaders on the planet playing a substantial role in this transformation. And, many of them have come to recognize how valuable additive and digital manufacturing can be in enabling their new visions.

“At the same time,” Pastor continues, “new technologies allow OEMs to meet the demands of a consumer market increasingly seeking personalization and sustainability. As these trends continue to accelerate in 2022, I expect to see 3D printing gain a larger foothold in the auto industry.”

Read here more of Pastor’s thoughts, including the role that additive manufacturing (AM) will play in the EV evolution.

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Experience Additive Manufacturing Solutions
Find new efficiency in batch printing and post-processing and harness the full power of additive manufacturing to enable parts production. Experience innovative additive manufacturing solutions Sept. 12-17 at IMTS 2022.

3D Metal Printing Conference and Tech Tours Heads to Hartford, CT
Join 3D Metal Printing magazine June 7-8, 2022, for this timely, informative educational opportunity featuring keynote and technical presentations, and facility tours to see metal AM in action!  Attendees will interact directly with industry experts, learn about the latest technology developments for 3D metal printing and hear case-study applications for 3D metal printing. They’ll also participate in exclusive plant tours of the Pratt & Whitney Additive Manufacturing Center at the University of Connecticut; and the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT) Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC).

Solar Atmospheres
Vacuum Heat Treating 3D Metal Printed Components
Since 3D printing builds to near net or finished dimensions, vacuum heat treating is an absolute necessity. Vacuum levels that approach 1 X 10-6 Torr produce clean and oxide free surface conditions that are metallurgically stable. Critical temperature control is also a must to avoid cracking and producing a strong and ductile part.

Key Trends Power Expected Growth in Metal AM Through 2032
After the short-term loss caused by COVID-19 (impacting most notably the aviation market), the metal- AM market has recovered and is expected to hit $18.5 billion by 2032, according to a new report from IDTechEx. The report, Metal Additive Manufacturing 2022-2032: Technology and Market Outlook, reveals that while global supply-chain disruptions have led companies to re-evaluate their operations, metal AM has rebounded and moves forward with an 18.8-percent compounded annual growth rate through 2032.

Among key trends powering this growth: lower-cost printers, and an expanding material portfolio.

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Electronics and Sensors Can Be Embedded In Metal 3D Printed Parts?
Fiber optic sensors and other temperature-sensitive components can be integrated directly into solid metal. FREE technical paper from Dr. Adam Hehr on embedding sensors. Learn what is possible with Fabrisonic’s patented Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing process.
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Industry News
HP and Legor Group Collaborating on Precious-Metals Development for HP Metal Jet AM Machine
Automation Alley Preparing to Host its Integr8 2022 Industry 4.0 Conference
Strong AM Growth Continuing Cites Wohlers Report 2022

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Industrial 3D Printing: The Most Common Questions Webinar Series
Whether you’re looking to develop a comprehensive strategy or just experiment with 3D printing, you need to start with the basics. Check out our newest webinar series Industrial 3D Printing: The Most Common Questions. Register now and save your spot for either one, two, or all three webinars!

Spring 2022
In This Issue
The AMNOW Challenge: Developing Digital Thread Data
…to instill confidence in metal-AM process repeatability and predictability to overcome supply-chain and spare-parts challenges and support U.S. Army readiness.

Teaming AM and Machining Drives Success for KAM
Close collaboration between the additive and subtractive teams at Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing, on top of huge investments in ERP, cybersecurity and production equipment, allows for full service to its end customers.

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RAPID + TCT 2022 – Experience the Next Level of Additive Manufacturing
Join us for North America’s largest and most influential additive manufacturing event, May 17-19 in Detroit, MI. 

Witness product announcements, experience hands-on equipment demos, learn real-world AM applications from the most respected experts and network with thousands of industry peers.
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