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Next-Gen Robotic Press Brake Cell

Thursday, August 15, 2019

The 2019 Roboformer bending unit from Salvagnini automatically synchronizes all movements of the press brake, robot arm and automatic handling devices directly from solid models, making production lean, flexible, predictable, and cost effective. A single program manages all RoboFormer operations, with programming reportedly completed in less than one-third the time of competitive brands, off-line, and without interrupting active production.

The bending cell that accommodates remote monitoring via computer, smart phone or other digital device, helping enable one shop-floor supervisor to oversee operation of as many as five units. The cell is designed for fabricators working with small, often varied batches.

The core of this third-generation Roboformer bending cell, the Salvagnini B3-ATA press brake, automatically adjusts the length of its upper universal bending tools, lower V dies and backgauges during the cycle, enabling setup in near-zero time. MAC 2.0 adaptive technology provides bending repeatability, precision and scrap reduction, while the B3’s Angle Measurement System monitors and corrects bend angles on the fly. The result: an unmanned bending system that yields precise parts in kit, batch or one-off production.


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