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Mexico's Manesa Gains Two Feed Lines From Dallas

Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Dallas Industries, a Troy, MI-based manufacturer of coil handling, press feeding equipment and controls for the stamping industry has delivered two new UnderLoop SpaceSaver feed lines to Manufacturas Estampadas S.A. de C.V. (Manesa), Chihuahua, Mexico, a metal-parts manufacture.

The two press-feeding lines, rated for coils to 6000 lb., run steel to 4mm thick and 36-in. wide. One line is a servo feed with piloting pull thru straightener with load car. The other: a cut-to-length line with a production hydraulic shear, servo feed with pull thru straightener with no load car. Features for both include hands-free threading system with a servo-driven synthetic tension roll for maintaining proper coil tension while uncoiling. In addition, a lower pivoting table with a feeder/straightener mounted rocker arm/de-bender provides easy coil threading and an uncoiler that includes powered coil guide rolls.


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