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FABTECH Announces New Chicago Dates

Monday, October 21, 2019
FABTECH show management has announced that beginning in 2021, FABTECH Chicago will shift its dates to September after the 2019 show next month. 

Future Chicago dates:

· September 13-16, 2021
· September 11-14, 2023
· September 8-11, 2025

Why the date change? Due to FABTECH's status, one of the largest events held at McCormick Place, bringing $73 million of delegation spending to Chicago, the event has earned its way into the coveted September period. These dates go to select events that have continuously demonstrated the ability to grow scope, size and significance. In 2019, FABTECH will occupy nearly 2 million sq. ft. of McCormick Place space. The new dates also are in response to exhibitors requests. FABTECHs held during even years in Atlanta and Las Vegas will continue in November, when no other events are held in those cities.


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