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Dallas Industries Delivers Feed Line to Wico Metal Products

Friday, January 11, 2019

Dallas Industries, a Troy, MI-based provider of coil-handling systems, press-feeding equipment and controls for the stamping industry has delivered an UnderLoop SpaceSaver feed line to Wico Metal Products, a Warren, MI-based provider of automotive extrusions, metal stampings and assemblies. The feed line design consists of a hands-free threading system featuring a servo-driven synthetic tension roll for maintaining proper coil tension while uncoiling. The system also incorporates a lower pivoting table with a feeder/straightener mounted rocker arm/de-bender for easy coil threading. The uncoiler includes powered coil guide rolls that eliminate the need for slide-on coil keepers and it automatically centers the coil on the mandrel. The servo feed with pull-thru straightener combo features pilot release for both the upper feed and straightener roll.


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