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Nidec Press & Automation Breaks Ground in Mexico for Service Center

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Construction is underway for Nidec Press & Automation's (NPA) Customer Service Center in Querétaro, Mexico. Headquartered in Minster, OH, NPA has outgrown its existing service facility in Querétaro, which opened in 2014. The new facility will have nearly three times as much space when it goes into operation in February 2019.

"Our growth in Mexico is part of Nidec Press & Automation's global facility expansion," says CEO David Winch. "We've opened a new 46,000-sq.-m. manufacturing and office facility in Spain. We've moved into an expanded customer service center in Germany, and we're getting ready to start major manufacturing expansions in China and Minster, Ohio."

Winch says the ongoing investments and combined synergies of the NPA brands--Minster, Arisa, Kyori, and Vamco—allows for global manufacturing opportunities, shared innovations, and worldwide service. "Being able to support all of the Nidec Press & Automation brands from one facility,” he says, “will result in efficiency and integration that will benefit our customers' bottom line.




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