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Newcomb Spring Relocates World Headquarters

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Newcomb Spring Corp. announced it has relocated its corporate world headquarters from Decatur, GA to Alpharetta, GA to optimize space for its quality control, manufacturing and administrative operations. 

"Expanding our technology-driven quality assurance operations in Decatur created a demand for more space for the department," explains company president, Robert Jacobson. "Newcomb Spring is committed to constant quality improvement. Moving the headquarters to Alpharetta gave us the space we needed for new quality control initiatives, and provided advantages to our administrative operations as well. It was a win-win decision." 

Jacobson says the 2200-sq.-ft. Alpharetta headquarters is better suited to intra-office communications and administrative duties for managing the company's facilities in CA, CO, CT, NC, Ontario, TN and TX (2).

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