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April 11, 2018

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
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April 11, 2018
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Where's Elon? Probably the Factory

With demand for Tesla's Model 3 apparently outpacing the company's ability to produce, according to a recent New York Times article, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently tweeted "I'm back to sleeping at the factory. Car biz is hell."

More than 400,000 of the sleek electric cars are on order, but the company is producing just 2000 weekly, short of its goal of 2500. Tesla operates out of the former GM/Toyota joint-venture plant in Fremont, CA, which produced more than 400,000 cars annually at its peak. Tesla has been running at a quarter of that rate, and has had to resort to pulling cars off the line and finishing them by hand.

The Times reports that Detroit's auto companies are more efficient when it comes to production: "Ford can knock out millions of fenders and hoods in its stamping operations with absolute certainty and to tight specifications."

Yet, the article also is quick to remind that Musk "rescued Tesla once before, when the company was days away from running out of cash." Plus, he and his SpaceX crew put a Tesla in space, which is something Ford has yet to do.

PFA Makes Quick Die Change Easy

Manually actuating PFA's Mechanical Die Lifters by hand allows easy movement of stamping dies. Portable and lightweight lifting rails service multiple presses saving money. Combined with open slot bolster extensions, challenging "flatbed" and "opposing slot" bolsters can also be configured for Quick Die Change.

NuSol Alumax: Switch Today and Optimize your Coolant Performance

  • Improved boundary lubrication for greater tool performance.
  • All metal safe with excellent corrosion prevention.
  • Superior bio-stability and hard water tolerance for a longer system life.
  • Low carry-off rate reduces coolant consumption.
  • High detergency keeps machines clean.
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Boker's Expands into RV Applications

Continental Machines Expands DoAll Sales Efforts

Oberg Expands with X-L Engineering Acquisition

Carpenter Technology to Invest $100 Million in New Equipment

Need a Helping Hand?

Have a manual production task that could benefit from automation? Tell us about it and win a Universal Robot! Perhaps a monotonous task that your employees would happily swap for one that requires problem solving skills or a task that needs to be carried out faster to stay competitive? Enter now

How Manufacturing Peers Are Using Technology

The 4th industrial revolution has arrived. In a complimentary report, learn how 150 of your fellow manufacturers are using technology – from 3D Printing to mobility, analytics and the "Industrial Internet of Things." Download it today, compliments of PLEX.
NCMS and CCAM Announce Collaboration to Spur Research

The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS), Ann Arbor, MI, a cross-industry technology development organization, and the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM), Prince George County, VA, which brings together industry, academia, and government to solve global advanced manufacturing challenges, announced a mutual Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

"The purpose of this MOU," says William T. Powers III, CCAM president and CEO, "is to provide the framework for the parties to establish cross membership to facilitate a collaboration in manufacturing research for innovative technologies, processes and practices intended to improve the competitiveness, strength and capabilities of manufacturers."

"For more than 31 years, NCMS has brought together manufacturing technology providers, developers and users to engage in collaborative programs," adds Rick Jarman, president and CEO, NCMS. "Empirical data and results over these years have shown that these innovations are most often found at the intersection of talent, investment and infrastructure. We look forward to this new relationship with CCAM, and together we will add more of these important attributes to our common goal of a strong manufacturing base."

Lightweighting America's pastime: How aluminum bats are made

IoT for Metalformers and Fabricators

Want to stay ahead of the coming wave of digital manufacturing and plant-floor connectivity, aka Internet of Things (IoT)? Then plan now to be in Nashville, TN, April 18-19, 2018, for MetalForming magazine's IoT for Metalformers and Fabricators event. Experts will discuss advancements in ERP/MRP software and sensor and control technologies as they relate to metalforming operations; will lay out a plan for developing and implementing IoT practices; and provide case studies describing successful IoT installations at stamping and fabricating plants. For details and to register, visit

Infuse Today's Design Engineering Projects with Tomorrow's Innovations

Atlantic Design & Manufacturing is the annual must-attend trade show for discovering the latest in design engineering. From prototyping to full-scale production, one lap of the show floor will help you overcome your toughest manufacturing challenges and keep you up to speed on the latest innovations transforming the industry. Register Now!

An Introduction to State-of-the-Art Technology for Stamping Engineering and Simulation Webinar

On April 19 at 2 p.m. EDT, an introductory seminar provides a brief overview of the latest advanced tools focused on sheetmetal stamping, helping to enable the efficient design and engineering of manufacturable components. Also addressed will be new software tools for building, validating, finalizing and troubleshooting complex stamping processes. Register for the free webinar.

April 2018
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Servo-Mechanical Presses Rise to the Challenges of Hot Stamping

As hot stamping ramps up worldwide to take on advanced high-strength steels, metalformers look to servo-mechanical presses to boost efficiency, cycle time and line reliability.

Die-Design and Simulation: Proven Successes

See how these software solutions fare in the field.

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May: Press-Line Automation, In-Die Feeding/Fastening, Waterjet Cutting

June: Lubrication, Welding, CNC Punching and Tooling

July: Controls, ERP Software Roundup, Plasma Cutting

Brand New in 2018 – Internet of Things (IoT) Experience for Metalformers and Fabricators

The Internet of Things (IoT) Experience for Metalformers and Fabricators is a one-of-a-kind conference designed specifically to educate floor supervisors, manufacturing engineers and managers, IT directors, and others working in small to midsized metalforming and fabricating plants on the coming wave of digital manufacturing and plant-floor connectivity. Visit the event website for a complete program agenda, a list of speakers and to register for this timely, technology- based event.
25th Automotive Parts Suppliers Conference

Attend the Precision Metalforming Association's 25th Annual Automotive Parts Suppliers Conference on April 25-26 at the Westin Book Cadillac Hotel in Detroit, MI. Join fellow automotive suppliers for educational sessions, networking and group discussion on the latest advancements and outlook for the automotive industry.
MetalForming : Jobs

Connecting job seekers and employers in the metal stamping, forming, fabricating and tool & die industries.

Vice President of Engineering & Tooling (NY)
Johnson & Hoffman

Manufacturing (CA)

Tool & Die Maker - 2nd Shift (NE)
Parker Hannifin Corporation

Senior Vice-President and General Manager (IN)

Plant Manager III (GA)
H.B. Fuller


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