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Entry-Level Punch-Laser Combo

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The TruMatic 1000 fiber, Trumpf's first entry-level punch-laser combination machine with a solid-state laser, attracted FABTECH attendees due to its modular design that enables users to add to it as business grows.


The patented Delta Drive moves the electric punching head and the laser along the Y-axis while the sheet moves in the other direction. This reportedly increases machine dynamics, productivity and process stability, contributes to a significantly compact footprint, and enables material handling options such as the SheetMaster Compact.

The machine's integrated protective housing automatically moves out of the way during punching operations for maximum visibility and accessibility. Decreasing relative movement between the machine table and the sheet also reduces the risk of collisions and makes the process more reliable overall. The machine will automatically sort finished parts up to 7 by 7 in.--processed parts move down a chute for sorting into a series of four boxes positioned below the machine for easy removal. Alternatively, an additional extra-large flexible parts flap provides users with a second choice for part sorting. Equipped with a sensor that detects whether all parts have been properly ejected from the machine's working area, this solution can be used to eject long and wide parts into containers as well as onto conveyors or pallets during punching and laser operations.



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