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Automatic Door Offers Safe Isolation of Hazardous Ops

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Gortite VF (vertical-fabric) door from Dynatect Manufacturing, Inc. is designed to safely isolate hazardous operations from other industrial processes, material, equipment and people, while still allowing access.


The vinyl roll-up door is installed in conjunction with existing machine guard panels on each side of the door to further enhance the separation of environments. Typical applications include automated production and machine processes that require preventive measures, such as robotic-welding, processing and transport tasks. The door can help increase the safety of industrial facilities by containing common process-generated hazards such as light debris, fluid splatter/mist, weld smoke, sparks and intense flash.

To avoid accidents during daily operations, the door is equipped with a traveling photo-eye sensor that brings the door to a full stop in a matter of seconds. An optional window allows for safe supervision of isolated processes. The red or bronze OSHA-compliant UV window is suitable for welding applications.

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