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MachineMetrics Announces $11.3 Million Series A Funding Round

Monday, December 17, 2018
MachineMetrics, a Northampton, MA-based artificial-intelligence startup, announced that it has raised $11.3 million in Series A financing. With the new funds, the company will expand its data science and product development teams while accelerating global sales. The company’s system, designed easy installation without the need for customization, enable manufacturers to collect, visualize and analyze data from any industrial machine. It automatically senses when there is a problem, even learns to predict some problems hours or minutes before they occur, and recommends solutions that reduce costly unplanned outages. In addition, the system benchmarks a company’s machine performance against those of their peers to help guide future investments.

“Now is the Internet moment for manufacturing,” says William Bither, CEO and cofounder of MachineMetrics. “Because we’re pulling data from thousands of machines, we’re able to gain a unique understanding of their problems. These insights are delivered back to our customers so they can take action to gain a competitive edge.”


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