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Quintus Press Helps Advance Heattreatment Specialist Lake City Heat Treating

Friday, November 16, 2018
Heattreatment specialist Lake City Heat Treating (LCHT), Warsaw, IN, has taken delivery of a QIH 122 URQ hot isostatic press (HIP) by Sweden-based Quintus Technologies. The machine integrates the application of high pressure and heattreatment in a single system. The combined materials densification processes produce parts with improved fatigue and ductile properties to satisfy the critical performance parameters of LCHT’s aerospace and medical device industries. The machine’s quenching capability with controlled cooling rates up to 390 F per min., reportedly makes it the first of its kind to be installed in North America.

With a capacity of 2000 lb./load, the machine and a work zone of 26 in. in dia. and 68.9 in. in height; an operating temperature of 2552 F; and pressure of 30,000 psi, the system saves time and space, lowers energy consumption, and reduces infrastructure needs.


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