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Orick Stamping Receives Dallas Industries' Feed Line

Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Dallas Industries, Troy, MI, a manufacturer of coil-handling, press-feeding equipment and controls for the stamping industry has announced that Orick Stamping in Elida, OH, has taken delivery of a new Dallas Industries feed line. The feed line includes the Dallas LoopSelect compact coil line concept. This type of line allows for two different material loops to be employed depending on the thickness of the material. For lighter gage materials, a front loop is developed between the reel and feeder/straightener. For heavier gage materials, a back or paddle loop is developed below the mandrel. Both loops are controlled via Dallas’ SyncLoop technology, wherein the coil O.D. and loop depths are monitored and payout speeds adjusted based on a combination of the line speed average (from the feeder), coil O.D. size and loop-depth settings. The closed loop system constantly monitors the speed to maintain a smooth loop throughout the coil.

The compact line includes a servo feed with a piloting pull thru straigthener that enables both the upper feed and straightener rolls to lift off of the material mometarily for proper pilot registration. The feeder has 5-in.-diam. rolls and the seven-roll straightener has 4-in.-dia. rolls. The system is rated for up to 36-in.-wide material to 0.135-in. thick (0.210-in. at 18-in. wide). The included reel and load car are rated for coil weights up to 20,000 lb..

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