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Lightweight Ultra-Low-Profile Mag Drill

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Small enough to drill in places where even hand-held electric drills can’t work, yet with the power to cut 1-3/8-in.-dia. holes in 1-in.-thick steel, the ultra-low-profile Hougen HMD130 portable magnetic drill delivers efficient holemaking in confined spaces. The 23.8-lb. drill includes a bayonet-style twist-and-lock cutter-mounting system (no tools required), and a height of just 6-11/16 in. It uses Hougen's RotaLoc Plus annular cutters, and a gearing ratio that complements the 9-A, 115-V motor to enable high feed rates even through long cuts, large-diameter holes and tough workpiece materials.

The magnetic base provides a 1200-lb. dead-lift rating on 3/8-in. plate and 2165 lb. on 1-in. plate, with drill-point breakaway limits of 500 and 735 lb., respectively. A rigid quill-feed arbor prevents tool vibration and eliminates gibs, slide/way adjustments and maintenance while providing a constant low profile.



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