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Ceramic Cutting, Grinding and Combination Wheels

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Weiler Abrasives Group introduces Tiger Ceramic bonded-abrasive combination wheels for cutting and grinding, said by company officials to effortlessly remove material while a hard bond keeps working longer, for optimum product life. Ceramic grains use a crystalline structure designed with millions of fracture points that self-sharpen at a higher rate than other grains. The result is a higher material removal rate, faster cutting speeds, cooler grinding and reduced friction at less pressure, which reduces operator fatigue. Lower temperature and less friction also reduces heat discoloration of the workpiece, and creates smooth cuts and minimal kickback.

Available in Type 1 and Type 27 styles, Tiger Ceramic is a contaminant-free solution for working on stainless steel, Inconel, high-nickel alloys, titanium and armored steel.

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