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Bombardier Aerospace Approves Fuchs Metalworking Coolant

Thursday, July 28, 2016
Bombardier Aerospace has approved EcoCool Syn 2175, a metalworking coolant from Fuchs Lubricants Co. The approval, BAMS 569-001, authorizes use of the coolant for operations including, but not limited to, boring, turning, milling, grinding, non-assembly drilling, reaming and countersinking.
EcoCool Syn 2175 is a fully synthetic water-miscible aerospace emulsion coolant designed for use in moderate to heavy-duty machining operations on aerospace aluminums, nickel superalloy and titanium components used in modern aircraft. The coolant is formulated for long service life, good foam control and corrosion resistance on aluminum, copper, brass and steel, according to Fuchs officials.   


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