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Welding-Power Source Delivers to 160 A for Light Industrial Applications

Friday, November 11, 2016

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has launched the Maxstar 161 SMAW-GTAW power source, noted for its lightweight portability, ease of setup and use, and improved performance for a variety of light industrial applications. Available in three models, the Maxstar 161 S/STL/STH delivers as much as 160 A of welding current, and weighs just 13 lb.

A new digital meter provides for simple setup and precise control when presetting or monitoring welding amperage, while a single amperage range allows welders to accurately set amperage on 120- or 240-V primary power. When performing SMAW, Miller’s Stick-Stuck technology detects when an electrode becomes stuck to the part and turns welding output off to allow the welder to safely and easily remove the electrode.

The three models: Maxstar 161 S, a stick-welding-only power source designed for use in maintenance and repair applications; Maxstar 161 STL, which offers Lift-Arc GTA and stick welding for light industrial applications; and Maxstar 161 STH, which adds pulsed-GTAW capabilities.

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Posted by: Pam Lassila on 3/1/2017 9:01:20 AM - URL:
Welding can be an simple process but I don't think that it is the easiest thing ever! There are lots of little tools and things you can do differently. I tried to weld one time and totally messed my project up. I go to a professional to do my things now!


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