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Fiber Laser Delivers Enhanced Performance with Reduced Production Costs

Friday, November 11, 2016

Cincinnati Inc. introduces the CL-960 6000-W fiber-laser cutting machine, boasting a clean new look with productivity enhancements. Also new is the laser’s air-assist cutting capabilities. In many instances air can be a cost-effective assist-gas alternative to nitrogen or oxygen.

Engineered for manufacturers requiring fiber-laser precision and speed, the CL-960 processes thin material quickly while also able to cut steel to ¾-in. thick. Reliable linear-drive motors boost productivity while lowering production and maintenance costs.

With its intuitive human-machine interface and user-friendly touchscreen controls, the CL-960 allows operators of all levels to optimize the machine’s advanced cutting capabilities. The machine features a dual-pallet configuration with table sizes of 5 by 10, 6 by 12 and 8 by 20 ft.

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