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MetalForming's ERP Update, August 5, 2015

Wednesday, August 5, 2015
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August 5, 2015
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  Conference Provides One-Stop Shopping for Everything ERP    

Keynote topics for this timely, informational 1.5-day conference:

  • Managing Change—the Key to a Successful ERP Makeover
  • The Connected Enterprise--ERP and CRM Data Integration
  • Tips for Selecting the Right Software for your Manufacturing Organization
  • Implementation Strategy—A Roadmap for Success

So, plan now to attend MetalForming magazine’s fall Manufacturing ERP Experience, October 6-7 in Houston, TX. In addition to the four keynotes noted above, attendees will benefit from hearing several case-study presentations describing recent successful ERP implementations. And, of course, there are the hugely popular and informational ERP-software demonstrations provided by several leading ERP-software suppliers.

Any manufacturing company shopping for new ERP software or seeking selection/implementation advice will find this event a can’t-miss opportunity to compare and contrast several software products, while networking with the industry’s leading experts. Learn more and register to attend.

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Leveraging CRM to Grease the Sales Cycle

“Removing the friction from your pipeline” is how Aberdeen Group vice president Peter Ostrow depicts the way in which best-in-class organizations leverage the power of customer-relationship management (CRM) software to optimize sales metrics. These include forecast accuracy, lead-conversion rate and RFP responses delivered to customers.

To take a snapshot of best-in-class CRM and sales-workflow practices, Aberdeen surveyed manufacturing companies to identify where top performers significantly outperform other companies. A blog post by Ostrow summarizes survey results and provides a link to the full report. Here’s a taste.

Best-in-class companies:

  • Deliver 52 percent more proposals, quotes or RFP responses to customers/prospects;
  • Have a 23-percent-higher lead-conversion rate than other companies; and
  • Convert quotes to orders at a higher rate (11 percent higher) than other companies.

Measuring ERP Success—The State of the Industry

Sixty percent of manufacturing companies recover the costs of implementing a new ERP system within 3 to 4 years, based on benefits such as better availability of information throughout the organization; improved interaction across operations; enhanced productivity and efficiency; and improved data reliability. This according to the recently released 2015 Manufacturing ERP Report from Panorama Consulting Solutions.

The report analyzes the use of ERP software in manufacturing and uncovers the top reasons why manufacturers are implementing new systems. It also answers questions such as, How long does it take to complete an implementation? How much does a typical implementation cost?; and What are the most common benefits realized?

A few notes to whet your appetite:

  • 26 percent of manufacturing companies implement ERP systems with “extreme or complete” customization;
  • Extreme customization often results from a lack of change management; and
  • Finishing the project on time and on budget often become the goals, rather than achieving the specific benefits originally identified at the onset of the project.
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