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Agitated Immersion Ultrasonic Washers

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Best Technology ultrasonic washersBest Technology has added an agitated immersion parts washer to its array of cleaning machines. The parts washer, equipped with an oil-removal system, allows fabricators to overcome cleaning challenges resulting from use of water-soluble coolants and true oils. Utilizing the proper alkaline-based cleaning chemistry, typically mild detergents, true oil and water coolants can be cleaned and removed from numerous workpiece types including stainless steels, tool steels and aluminum alloys.

True-oil-based machined parts are cleaned via the oil-removal system that constantly sweeps overflow floating oils on the surface of the tank into a quiet tank. Here, the oils settle out and can be skimmed and removed from the solution without the concern of redepositing oil onto the parts. And, the machine’s ultrasonic system allows for uniform cleaning of the inside and outside of parts.

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