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High-Performance Auto-Adjust Panel Line

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Samco on the fly auto-adjust panel lineSamco Machinery introduces an “on-the-fly” auto-adjust panel line—a continuous rollforming line with a blank-feeding operation and stiffening ribs. The line can run variable speeds from 0 to 200 ft./min. via a variable-frequency drive. Top speed is based on 29-gauge (0.014-in.-thick) sheet, with part length of 4 ft. or longer.

Features include:

• Powered roller conveyor with automated guide adjustment; working range 18 to 34 in.;

• Edge trimmer with two blades and two scrap choppers; and

• Entry guide designed to fit pre-cut blanks, and adjustable material guides for automated cutting of strips to 52 in. long.



See also: Samco Machinery Ltd.

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