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Dengensha Expands Capabilities at Dengensha Mexico

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
Dengensha America, Bedford, OH, recently expanded its sales, service and support capabilities at Dengensha Mexico. Originally opened as a sales and support facility for part of Mexico’s resistance-welding customers, Dengensha Mexico will now be used to support all new and existing customers throughout Mexico.
To facilitate this activity, Mecánica AB no longer is representing Dengensha America as a direct sales agent in Mexico, and will instead provide sales and service functions under its own brand as Mecánica AB. While Mecánica AB will remain a Dengensha products distributor, all Dengensha-related sales quotation requests and purchase orders will now be directed through Dengensha America's sales operations.
Dengensha America provides resistance-welding equipment to automotive, agricultural and general manufacturers. For more, visit


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