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MetalForming Delivers: Elimate Downtime and Increase Productivity

Thursday, June 11, 2015
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In today's 24-7 manufacturing world every minute counts. When a critical path piece of equipment stops working unexpectedly your entire organization can feel the repercussions; from the shop floor to the executive suite, and all the way down the chain to your end customer. Interestingly, studies show most unplanned downtime is preventable – if early warning signs are detected and managed appropriately.


How can you minimize unplanned downtime?

Advancements in hydraulic press intelligence are allowing manufacturers like you to reclaim control of unexpected production interruptions, contributing to the elimination of unplanned downtime and increased overall productivity. Integrated technologies are now allowing maintenance efforts to shift from emergency reactions to more proactive measures which can be scheduled per the manufacturers’ production schedules.

Forming equipment manufacturer, Beckwood, is leading a campaign for zero unplanned downtime with their advanced PPM (Pre-Preventive Maintenance) technology. Beckwood’s on-board PPM system performs real-time monitoring of press health, including pump efficiency, safety system status, oil condition, filter status, valve performance and more. Once the PPM system intelligently pinpoints a component or system in need of attention, the press automatically communicates the key details to chosen individuals within the organization, through both on-HMI and email notifications. This advance notice allows manufacturers to regain control, scheduling downtime per their current production requirements.

Learn how to eliminate unplanned downtime and increase productivity today.

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