Letter to the Editor



Letter to the Editor

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dear Mr. Kuvin,

I read your January 2015 editorial (Drawing a U.S. Manufacturing-Competitiveness Roadmap) with interest and will make my first-ever comments after reading MetalForming editorials for 10-plus years.

I am a design engineer and have always maintained that it is difficult at best to design anything without an understanding of how the item is going to be manufactured. This is what leads to remarks about junior engineers and impossible to-build-projects.

I am getting ready to retire and have been asked to teach basic metallurgy. Due to a lack of application knowledge of what is actually happening when parts are heattreated, welded, machined or formed, I also have been asked to develop an applied metallurgy class. The information presented in MetalForming through the years by Stuart Keeler and Peter Ulintz is far beyond the understanding of the average metalworker, and few if any schools present this detailed information to allow effective problem solving. I know what Stuart and Peter are talking about, only because I am an engineer with years of experience and materials science. We need to provide applied metallurgy classes for those intending to work in this area.

Denzil Hellesen


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