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Compact, Automated Cutting Machine for Plasma, Oxyfuel Cutting

Monday, September 15, 2014
ESAB automated cutting machine for plasma and oxyfuel cuttingEsab Cutting Systems introduces the SGX compact, automated cutting machine for plasma and oxyfuel cutting, which carries as many as three tool stations and can be equipped with the firm’s m3-IGC precision plasma system. Advanced features include the Vision T5 touchscreen CNC with built-in automatic nesting, as well as automatic gas controls and plasma automation technology. Machine features include a heavy-steel beam, precision-machined mating surfaces, and linear rail, as well as dual-side, high-speed AC drives and a fast torch lifter. Also standard is an oxyfuel gas control that automatically switches between low-preheat and high-preheat pressure, as well as ease-on cutting oxygen for piercing thicker materials.

SGX machines can be configured with a range of plasma options, from simple air-plasma systems to fully automatic 360-A multigas systems.


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