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Aluminum-Oxide Depressed-Center Grinding Cut Quick, Last Long

Friday, August 8, 2014
Norton Abrasives, Worcester, MA, introduces Gemini XXL, 100-percent aluminum-oxide depressed-center wheels tat promise to deliver 50-percent more life and metal removal than standard aluminum-oxide wheels, Gemini XXL works best on hard-grade carbon steels and for weld repairs, flashing and jobs that require a quick turnaround.

 “The new Gemini XXL wheels help metal-fab users improve productivity and material output,” says Debbie Gaspich, Norton Abrasives director of product management, North America. “Their increased metal-removal rates and improved overall performance make the wheels an exceptional value when compared to standard aluminum-oxide wheels.”

For example, in a field case study on right-angle grinding of long, light post welds, a Gemini XXL wheel removed 43-percent more material and performed 106-percent better than a competitive wheel for an annual savings of more than $5700.

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