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August 27, 2014

Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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August 27, 2014
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Survey Asks Manufacturers: “What’s Changed Due to the Impact of Obamacare?”
The August Philly Fed Manufacturing Survey asked manufacturers to chime in on the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on businesses, and the tabulated results are stunning. Notable trends: outsourcing is on the rise, as are prices charged to customers. More than half (51.5 percent) of survey respondents have made (or are planning to make) changes to their health-insurance plans due to the ACA; 88 percent say that their employee contribution to premiums has risen; and 91 percent have increased their deductibles.

Here’s the complete survey data.

STAMTEC is sponsoring the Servo Press Technology Experience live event in Nashville, on October 7th. Be sure to register and visit. If you can’t visit, give STAMTEC a call today at 931-393-5050, to discuss servo presses, or, for that matter, any mechanical press that you might be considering. We look forward to hearing from you.
Running Your Business From the Shop Floor to the Top Floor
Manufacturers are experiencing significant business benefits from cloud ERP, including increased flexibility, scalability, business continuity and usability. Learn all about Plex’s latest ERP offerings in this Spotlight Report from TEC senior analyst Ted Rohm.

Uncover Design Flaws
ETA Dyanform
DYNAFORM is a simulation software solution that allows engineers to accurately simulate stamping and Predict Formability Issues, Reduce Development Time, Validate Die Design, Improve Efficiency and Increase Profitability. By simulating every detail during the design stage, DYNAFORM ensures the highest quality formed part & most efficient manufacturing process possible.


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> Worried about Intellectual Property (IP) When Outsourcing?
An online article from Texas CEO Magazine explores this topic, providing five tips for protecting IP rights when manufacturers rely on subcontracted fabricators. Discussed in detail: the use of non-disclosure agreements; how to register IP with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office; clarifying (in writing) ownership of IP rights; the importance of identifying where lawsuits aimed at protecting IP will be filed; and ensuring the right to visit and inspect a subcontracted company’s facility.

Learn more here.

Consistent Stock Lubrication Systems
Nordson EFD
Watch this in action. The Nordson EFD MicroCoat® system sprays lubricants in a fine, evenly distributed mist. The non-contact system uses Low-Volume, Low-Pressure (LVLP) technology to provide a consistent application that significantly reduces oil consumption when compared to other lubrication processes used in metal stamping.
T. J. Snow flies its Mooney back "home" to do spot welder service
TJ Snow
In a homecoming of sorts, service technicians from T. J. Snow Company, Chattanooga, TN, recently flew the company's Mooney airplane back to the Mooney factory in Kerrville, Texas, where it was "born." The purpose of the trip was to upgrade an obsolete control on the spot welder used in aircraft manufacturing. Mooney recently resumed production after a five year shutdown. T. J. Snow flies its Mooney over much of the country to service spot welders at customer locations.

Success is programmable. Schuler ServoDirect Technology.
Schuler’s reliable ServoDirect Technology is proven globally. Invest in your future with a business Strategy that competes on quality with higher throughput. Gain flexibility and credibility with your customers by implementing a change in your overall process to get better bottom line results. The payback is in your future.

New Products
The latest in metalforming and fabricating products and technology. > How to Make Portable Welding/Cutting Equipment Even More Portable
> Power-Packed Punching of Tube, Angle Iron, Rollformed Parts and More
> Low-Maintenance Spot-Welding Gun Ideal for Aluminum
> 3D Waterjet Cutting with Endlessly Rotating Cutting Head
August 2014
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> 10 Tips for ERP Selection and Implementation
Here are a few tips and best practices to help manufacturers start their ERP initiatives off on the right track. Success is never guaranteed, but organizations that keep these and other best practices in mind are much more likely to succeed than those that don't.

> 3D Technologies for Stamping Die Design
Understand the differences between parametric and direct modeling to find the right method, or combination of methods, for the die-design job at hand.
What's Trending?
> Pressroom Automation
> Quick Die Change
> Plasma Cutting
> Nesting Software
> Software for Manufacturing
> Mechanical Presses
> CNC Punch Presses
> Safety Update
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MetalForming magazine is offering executives, engineers and metalforming professionals, an opportunity to learn about the latest developments in servo press at the Servo Press Technology Experience. The experience will include a series of 3 free webinars and a live event at the Hilton Garden Inn Nashville/Vanderbilt, in Nashville, TN on October 7, 2014.
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