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Use this App to Monitor Metalworking-Fluid Temperature

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

App to monitor metalworking-fluid temperature Quaker Chemical Corp., Conshohocken, PA, has developed CoolanTool, a mobile app that addresses the needs of technicians that use metalworking fluids in their machining processes. CoolanTool reportedly is the first mobile app that allows users to manage their data from anywhere in the plant using a smart phone.

CoolanTool users can capture and track performance of soluble metalworking cutting fluids in CNC machines. The app can record concentration and pH data, track results graphically and share them easily amongst departments. Trends regarding the condition of the fluid can be analyzed over a long period of time to calculate consumption and top-up volumes.

Use the app as a troubleshooting guide and, with consistent use combined with a proactive maintenance approach, overall system performance can be optimized.

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