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Servo-Electric Press Brake + Offline Programming

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

servo-electric press brake + offline programmingPrima Power, Arlington Heights, IL, has integrated a servo-electric drive system to its new eP-Series press brakes, promising to optimize versatility, minimize power consumption and reduce maintenance. The pulley belt system, actuated by Prima Electro servo drives, distributes bending force over the entire bending length of the brake. Servo drives offer superior control and accuracy, say company officials, and eliminate the thermal influences on precision that can result using hydraulic oil.

The galvanized-steel-reinforced belts are flexible, hardwearing and durable. They resist corrosion, and their polyurethane coating ensures antislip traction and smooth-running power transmission. An operator friendly 17-in. touchscreen user interface simplifies data input and reduces programming time.

Most bending applications are easily programmed using the 2D graphical online programming with auto sequencing. For 3D part visualization and offline programming (with Prima’s AutoPol software), the Prima Electro Open Control can easily be upgraded. AutoPol allows programmers to create 3D models, or models can be imported in 2D and 3D from most CAD programs. AutoPol’s bend-allowance algorithm takes into account bending tools to determine the correct radii and unfolding dimensions. Included is a 3D designer for designing sheetmetal parts, 2D and 3D file-import functions, an unfolder for automatic flat-part calculation, and a bend simulator for graphical programming and simulation.

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