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Metal-Cored Wire Offers Superior Impact Properties, Minimizes Weld-Cracking Risks

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

metal-cored wire offres superior impact properties, minimizes weld-cracking risksHobart, Troy, OH, introduces its new FabCor CVN metal-cored welding wire, formulated to provide optimum impact properties at temperatures as low as -50 F to reduce the risk of cracking in severe applications. Use the wire for welding oil and gas piping and storage vessels, heavy equipment and in structural fabrication. Low diffusible-hydrogen levels (under 3ml per 100g of weldment) further increase cracking resistance, helping to avoid the cost and downtime of rework.

As with other Hobart-brand metal-cored wires, FabCor CVN offers higher deposition rates and reduced spatter levels compared to solid wires, to help improve productivity and weld quality. The wire’s smooth arc characteristics help welders create uniform weld beads, and the minimal slag coverage reduces cleanup time and minimizes the chance of inclusions. Welds will maintain good mechanical properties after stress relieving, making the wire suitable for use in critical applications that require post-weld heattreatment.

FabCor CVN, available in 0.045-, 0.052- and 1⁄16-in. dia., operates with a shielding gas of 75 to 95 percent argon/ balance CO2 and provides a weld tensile strength from 77,000 to 86,000 psi.

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