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Combination Two-Torch Plasma-Cutting Head Ideal for Job Shops

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Combination two-torch plasma-cutting head ideal for job shopsMultiCam, Dallas, TX, introduces a new combination plasma head for its 3000- and 6000-series CNC plasma-cutting machines that proves ideal for production cutting of diverse materials.

The new combination head features a Hypertherm Powermax mechanized plasma head mounted beside a high-definition Hypertherm torch. Each head is independently programmable, allowing the setup to economically cut thin-gauge steel using low-amperage consumables, while still being able to tackle heavy plate steel with high-definition plasma precision.

MultiCam 3000- and 6000-series machines are designed for the continuous cutting of heavy plate in a production environment. The 3000-series machine features an integrated table design with standard work envelopes as large as 8 by 24 ft. The 6000-series machine features a heavy-duty bridge and rail design with standard work envelopes as large as 20 by 100 ft.

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