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Online Configurators Customize Robotic-Welding Guns to Meet Application Requirements

Friday, February 14, 2014

Tough Gun G1 robotic MIG gunTwo new online configurators from Tregaskiss, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, make it easy for fabricators to customize the company’s Tough Gun G1 and ThruArm G1 series robotic gas-metal-arc-welding guns for specific industrial-welding applications. G1 guns find use in high-volume production environments, while the ThruArm G1 guns minimize downtime and improve welding performance when used on through-arm robotic-welding systems.

The online configurators lead users through a process in which they select each gun component in a few simple steps—gun style, neck type, nozzle, wire size, contact tip and power pin. Access them by visiting, or via the Configure My Gun link located on the firm’s homepage.

ThruArm robotic MIG gunAt the end of the process, the user receives a summary of the selected choices for the customized robotic gun, along with its part number. With one click, they then can download the technical manual, request a price quote, print the specifics, contact Tregaskiss for more information or find their nearest distributor.

Tregaskiss: 855/644-9353;


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