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Tuesday, April 30, 2013
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Komatsu offers the most complete line of traditional drive and Servo Driven mechanical stamping presses for the stamping industry. Press capacities range from 35 to 4000 ton, single and multi point connections in both gap and straight side designs. Komatsu is the world leader in Servo Driven mechanical presses with over 3000 single point and multi-point straight side servo presses installed. Servo presses feature slide accuracy in microns, fully programmable slide velocity in any direction, consume 30% less electrical power than a conventional mechanical press, yet provide
3 times more working energy.

Komatsu Twister Fine Plasma cutting system offers unparalleled edge finish and Range 2 hole accuracy in cutting plate up to 1" thick, mild steel to stainless. Along with the standard patented Hi-Speed Twister swirling gas for less dross and faster cutting speeds are automatic gas change- parameter setting- anti spatter- push/pull "zoned" exhaust. And now with "Quick Gas" option, cut up to 2" thick plate with Oxy cutting by simply switching the nozzle. More flexibility makes Twister the must have plasma machine.

Komatsu America Industries, LLC
1701 Golf Road Suite 1-100
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
Phone: 847-437-3888
Fax: 847-437-1811
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