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Service-Center ERP Software Supports Customized Data Use

Monday, April 1, 2013

Invera, Houston, TX, has released Stratix/CSX, an optional product that provides customer-specified extensions for its Stratix metal service-center software. This new functionality provides a flexible and powerful tool that allows each customer to create customized data, processes and documents to meet unique business requirements.

Stratix specialized ERP software handles all types of ferrous and nonferrous products of all forms, including coils, sheets, structural products, wire, pipe and tubing and rollformed products. A seamless integration of native metal-industry terminology, functions and features make the software quick to deploy with minimum implementation costs.

The new Stratix/CSX extensions include creation of non-Stratix data elements; creation of non-Stratix applications or functions; and customization of business documents. Once the data is entered and saved, it can be viewed from related applications that support the CSX button. In addition, the data can be combined with existing data to create custom reports or added to existing reports or documents.

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