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MRP System Specifically for the Fabrication Industry

Monday, April 1, 2013

SigmaTek Systems, Cincinnati, OH, a provider of CAD-CAM nesting and manufacturing business automation software, has developed SigmaMRP to meet the specific requirements of the fabrication industry. SigmaMRP is a manufacturing-resource-planning system that manages transactions and communication with customers and suppliers, inventory of goods and raw materials, and departmental and outsourced processes. 

“In addition to inventory, work order, process scheduling and progress tracking,” says product manager Keith Brown, “fabricators who cut, bend or punch are faced with a need to catalog and recall remnants for future jobs. SigmaMRP can grow along with a manufacturer’s requirements.”

SigmaMRP integrates with SolidWorks to import, unfold, nest, fabricate and manage native SolidWorks assemblies.

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