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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dear Mr. Kuvin,

Thank you for the recent article by Peter Ulintz discussing preventive maintenance (PM) of stamping dies and pressroom equipment (September 2013). I want to address the equating of preventive with predictive maintenance. They are related only by the fact that a strong, well-developed PM program must be in place before entering into a predictive-maintenance regimen.

I helped develop a PM program at Chrysler, and considering the cost of proceeding with a predictive program, plant management decided not to bear such a cost—partially because a new press-monitoring system would have been required. That was an economic decision that was made while enjoying the very cost-beneficial PM program that saved the stamping plant considerable cost-avoidance dollars from die-related downtime.

I’m not discouraging predictive maintenance, rather am just relating that the rewards from a comprehensive die-PM program are more than adequate.

Thomas Ulrich,

Ulrich is the author of Die Tooling Preventive Maintenance, available on Amazon.


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