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Zig-Zag Servo Feed Saving Material at InSInkErator

Friday, February 24, 2012
The press shop at the Racine, WI manufacturing facility of InSinkErator has added a zig-zag press-feeding system supplied by CWP and Formtek Maine, Clinton, ME. The servo-feed system, rated for stock 18 in. wide by 0.030 in. thick, features a stock reel, straightener and threading tables. A variable-tension brake automatically adjusts brake tension as the coil depletes. Matte-chrome pinch rolls and smooth-chrome straightening rolls on the stock straightener help to shed particles and process critical-finish material used to manufacture parts for the firm’s waste-disposal units. Zig-zag feeds, when used for stamping circular blanks, can result in a 22-percent scrap reduction compared to conventional feeds, say CWP officials; Here’s a short 1-min. video of the system at work.


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Posted by: Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company on 2/24/2012 2:45:50 PM - URL:
Thanks for sharing, its als great to save whenever you can!


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