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High-Strength Filament Tapes Engineered to Stick to Oily Metal Surfaces

Saturday, December 1, 2012

3M, St. Paul, MN, has introduced a new proprietary adhesive formulation debuting in a portfolio of Scotch high-strength filament tapes. The new tapes, which use a modified synthetic rubber (MSR) adhesive, prove ideal for metal-coil tabbing, splicing and other applications (sheetmetal drawing, rolling and extruding, for example) involving oily metal surfaces.

After a 2-min. dwell time, the 3M MSR adhesive provides as much as 50-percent greater adhesion, with continued performance over longer dwell times. In addition, its shear strength is equal to or better than natural rubber adhesives. The new portfolio of Scotch high-strength filament tapes featuring MSR adhesive is available in clear and black.

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