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Automated Laser Tube Cutting

Wednesday, November 30, 2011
BLM Group USA, Wixom, MI, introduces the LT Jumbo Series, an automatic laser-cutting machine designed for cutting large-diameter thick-walled tubes. Use the machine to cut round, square and rectangular tubes, as well as nontubular open structural sections, ranging in diameter from 3 to 20 in. and lengths to 60 ft. The LT Jumbo can process mild, high-strength, alloy and stainless steels, and can cut, edge-bevel and countersink holes.

All material loading, cutting and unloading operations are controlled by CNC, and the system control software automatically selects the optimum cutting procedure. Because all machine operations are performed by programmed commands, no manual setups or fixtures are required. Once tubes are placed on the loader they are moved individually into the feeding line with an automated chuck system. The combined action of the two working chucks and drive chuck move and position the tube under the five-axis cutting head according to the program parameters.

After being cut, each finished part is unloaded to a specific programmed position according to length. Parts 10 ft. long can be unloaded onto the short part-unload conveyor; longer parts are sent to a long-part unloader.

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