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Letter to Editor

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I’ve just read Michael Bleau’s article, Co-ops and Apprenticeships: Bring Them Back (June 2011), for the second time, and I agree with him as far as our government’s ability to manage apprenticeship programs. It really shouldn’t be their area of concern.

However, as a retired secondary education teacher and current fabrication-shop owner, I believe there is one area that requires addressing: Our school systems do not give our students the incentive to begin trade opportunities at an early age. I’ve seen our education system attempt to cram academics down the throats of teens when instead they should be encouraged to find their “gifts” as far as the trade that most excites them. Some of our students will never attend college because, believe it or not, college and academics aren’t for everyone.

Instead, we should identify the young people who have a gift for working with their hands and place them in trade programs early, while also providing them with the necessary basic academic and daily living skills. In this , we can once again develop a workforce with a passion for a job well done.  


Elizabeth Miller

Miller Mechanical Services, Inc.


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